Vers-Pont du Gard

Located next to both the Pont du Gard and the Gardon Gorges, Vers-Pont du Gard has been inhabited since Prehistoric times. The Romans certainly lived here. The first building in the current village was a monastery, followed by houses being built around the church. The village has important stone quarries which have been in use for a very long time. The Romans took stone from here to build the Pont du Gard. The village's economic activity is relatively industrial, notably with the exploitation of the stone quarries.







- The washhouses (three)

- St. Pierre chapel (outside),

- The stone quarries,

- Prehistoric grottos (Balauzière, Salpétrière)

- The church (wall paintings, statues, paintings)

- The clock tower.



Don't miss:


- Pont du Gard (close to the stone quarries)

- Other remains related to the Roman aqueduct, - St Privat chapel, 12th century, Renaissance, 17th and 18th centuries, - Aqueduct walking circuit, - PR (short sign posted walk) near the village, - Path of stations of the cross

- The august village festival.

- The market.