Located between Remoulins and Pouzilhac, this charming 12th century village offers its inviting shaded square with a refreshing trickling fountain. The name of Valliguières (Valle Aqua : valley of water) appeared for the first time in 896. During the Hundred Year War (1392) the commune built its walled fortifications. The remains of Roman presence and the former fortifications plus the Romanesque chapel are a further invitation to stay and enjoy this village. The main economic activity is wine making.



- The ancient centre: from the Valliguières washhouse, stroll through the fortified streets and admire the gothic church (outside),

- "La Grand Font" dating back to the 12th century providing Valliguières with its water supply

- The fortified castle is mentioned as far back as 1295 (outside).



Don't miss:


- Saint Pierre Romanesque chapel, built on a Roman oppidum, the remains of which are still visible,

- The stations of the cross,

- The church,

- The campanile.