St Hilaire d'Ozilhan

Close to the Pont du Gard, in an environment of vineyard and countryside, the village as it stands today is built on the plane in a quadrilateral format that is outlined by the former ramparts which had two gates and a round tower on each corner; one such tower still stands today. From the village one can see the ruins of a Medieval castle (Le Castelas) on a hilltop, materials were taken from this castle to build the houses in the village. The economic activity is mainly centres around the production of Côtes du Rhône wines.










- The ruins of the Medieval 15th century castle (Le Castelas) (outside),

- The former church (15th century) and its gothic vaults, today used as a meeting room,

- The façade of the 19th century town hall in the centre of the village,

- The washhouse (chemin des Claux),

- The Moulin d'Aure tower (former windmill),

- The many mission crosses on the pathways,

- St. Etienne de la Clastre, a Roman chapel (outside),

- Country and vineyard scenery







Don't miss:


- GR 63 walk from Avignon to Pont du Gard which crosses through the village,

- The washhouse with two cylindrical basins, a central washing area, a fountain in the shape of a mausoleum which distributes water from several springs,

- The village festival in July.

- Weekly market on Tuesdays mornings.