St Bonnet du Gard
The village is located in a valley between Avignon and Nîmes. It overlooks the Gardon to Remoulins trail. The village is on the former salt trading route from Remoulins. The Psalmodi monks who produced salt near to Aigues Mortes built the 9th century church which was fortified in the 14th century. The local economic activity is set to the rhythm of the production of olive oil and wine and is underpinned by a strongly developed network of craftsmen.

Sightseeing :


- The primitive Roman church, built in the 9th century and fortified in 1356 (outside),

- The clock tower and its campanile

- Cobbled and paved streets (road up to the church)

- Fountain and washhouse dating to 1806, Napoléon 1st

- The stations of the cross.



Don’t miss :


- Walk along the Roman aqueduct,

- Short walks: PR,

- Picturesque visit to the village with narrow streets and interesting architectural elements

- Panorama from the church (Rhone valley, Nîmes road)