A crossing point between the Languedoc and the Rhone valley.

Remoulins is at a crossroads between the Gardon valley and the Nîmes - Avignon road.

In 736, Charles Martel was victorious here against the Saracens. The town was fortified (ramparts, watch towers) in the 12th century. The terrible Religious wars between Catholics and Prostestants in the 16th and 17th centuries left the town in a state of ruin. The present layout along the main avenue was established in the 19th century.

Remoulins has an active industrial fibre, a highly developed network of artisans and a diversified agricultural activity (wines, fruit and vegetables..).












- Remains of the roman aqueduct

- St Martin chapel (outside),

- Our Lady of Bethlehem, 12th century (clock tower)


-Fortified 12th century gate

-12th century Escaravats tower (remains of parapets)

-17th century Château de Rabasse, a former fort


-Remains of the suspended bridge and the 19th century


-St. Martin Notre Dame church outside

(pipe organ section)

-La Vigière orchard plains




Don't miss :


- Visit to the Medieval village,

- The weekly market on Friday mornings,

- Walk along the aqueduct pathway,

- Departure point for PR and GR trails

(short and long walks),

- Festival based on traditional bull sports in the arena and the village