Meynes is located on the Cositères hillsides overlooking the Gardon valley. It is a medieval village which offers a combination of a rich past and modern development that respects its past traditions. In the Carolingan period Meynes was a fortified village belonging to the Marquis of Monteynard. The village boasted 13 kilns (5 for pottery and 8 for tiles) and the Tuileries hamlet reflects this with its fine houses of flat brick alternating with rounded stones. This is a rural village with vineyards, olive groves, market gardening and orchards forming the mainstay of its economy.



- The famous Font-Cluse fountain with healing powers. Charlemagne, François 1st, Marguerite de Valois, Louis XIII and many others came here to take the waters,

- Château de Clausonne (outside),

- Bull running in the streets.



Don't miss:


- The historic centre of old Meynes and its 12th century fortified church built by the Knights Templar and reconstructed in the 18th century,

- 12th century bell tower with gargoyles,

- The church altar dates from the 5th or 6th century. Numerous tombs and Gallo-Roman period furniture,

- Templar remains,

- Latin funeral inscription on the wall of a 17th century house : epitaph of Rutilia Marcella,

- The municipal open-air swimming pool,

- Weekly market on Wednesday mornings.