A perched village in the middle of this territory, Fournès rises in the middle of a unique and surprising landscape : the Fournès trenches : a very special geological formation. Fournès is located at an altitude of 130 metres, it was formerly a castle site surrounded by ramparts (there are still some remains of the castle which was built in 1150). Its vineyards, planted on hillsides overlooking the Gardon produce a very characteristic Côtes du Rhône. The economic activity is mainly market gardening and wine making. There is also some industrial activity with a floor tiling manufacturer.



- Saint-Pierre chapel, 12th century, built on the site of the battle of "Campouriol" (restored in the 19th century, Carolingian remains) (outside),

- the thirteen roadside crosses,

- the present church with 3 naves and a separate bell tower, built in 1836 (outside),

- tour of the ancient centre,



Don't miss:


- The Fournès trenches: a lunar landscape of white clayey marl pinnacles 10 to 30 metres high,

- the GR 6 walk,

- the Noquet spring trail

- an illustrious child of Fournès : the bust of J. L Gilly, General of Napoleon's grand army, on the Place du Planet.