Comps is located at the confluent of the Gardon and Rhône and the village has been shaped by the whims of these two rivers. It was formerly a single commune with what is now Vallabrègues but the latter has been pushed towards the left bank due to the changes in the rivers courses. The Pic de l'Aiguille (153m) dominates the village and a troglodyte habitat was recently discovered here dating back to the 6th century BC at a site known as La Roque. The port was once a strategic point for river vessels as a toll station, a stop over point before the sea and a crossing point towards Provence. Today orchards and vineyards (Côtes du Rhône Villages) complement an attractive cultural and sporting tourism activity.

Sightseeing :


- The Washhouse close to the Arena on the banks of the Gardon

- The statue of Saint Nicolas, Rue St Nicolas, patron saint of barges

- Place de la Mairie, town hall clock tower



Don't miss :


- Pic de l'Aiguille

- Village and Bull festival 13th to 15th August

- Wash place Wednesdays, theme events July-August

- GR6 and GR42 towards the Pont du Gard and Beaucaire and also towards Théziers via Montfrin

- Light walk (PR) from the St. Roman Aqueduct to the ancient village and the La Gaffe Island ornithological zone

- The market