Collias, located on the left bank of the Gardon, was founded by the Greeks. Successive occupants have left signs : caves occupied in the Paleolithic period, Roman ruins and later pagan and Paleo-Christian remains in the listed site called the Hermitage. The virtually untouched landscapes of the Gardon gorges and the immense plateaux on either side are a paradise for walkers and for all types of river based activities. Collias was a major silk production centre until the 19th century. It is also home to the Picholine olive.



- The listed site of the Hermitage,

- Notre Dame de Laval chapel (outside),

- St. Vincent a 19th century church with paintings (outside),

- Numerous rock climbing passages,

- The Via Ferrata,

- The garrigue and its flora,



Don't miss:


- Canoe and kayak activities

- The Hermitage short circuit walk (PR) : The Torte Trail,

- Numerous themed nature trails,

- The GR 63 walk,

- The Gardon gorges : protected flora and fauna


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