Castillon du Gard

Perched on a calcareous limestone outcrop, the village dominates the southern extremity of the Gardon gorges. The site has been occupied by humans since Prehistoric times. Only a scattered few architectural remains are left. In the 16th century the Religious wars had disastrous repercussions on the village. Some monuments survived and were restored at the end of the 1970s and these can be visited today.The village offers several points of architectural interest: tour the cobbled streets lined with gargoyles, the house on the ramparts Castillon du Gard attracts tourists all year round.






- Belle Vue Castle (18th century – the crusades)

- St Christophe and St Caprais chapels (Medieval period) (outside),

- The site of Villa de la Gramière (Roman period)

- The Puit Neuf and Articoyse leper houses



Don't miss :


- Gr 63, the signposted walk to the Pont du Gard

- Tour of the ancient stone-built village centre,

- Cultural exhibitions.


Visit the village for groups with hiking and Culture Association (AREC): 04 66 37 26 59