A former bastion of the Baron of Castille, Argilliers is today a peaceful village nestling at the foot of rolling hills of scrub land at an altitude of 70 metres. The Château de Castille, on the road between Uzès and Remoulins and its ancient cemetery are significant landmarks in this village. In the 18th century Gabriel-Joseph de Froment, Baron of Castille, a truly original and independent individual, decided to renovate his castle in an Antique style under Italian inspiration. He also landscaped a vast garden around the castle which is set off by follies placed in a geometrical pattern.



- Château de Castille (MH) : 16th century pavilion flanked by circular towers, surrounded by columns; semi-circular inner courtyard inspired by the Bernin colonnade in Rome (outside) ,

- Notre Dame de l'Assomption, a 19th century church (outside),

- Garden of follies*: decorative and utilitarian buildings,

- Triumphal arch built to celebrate Austerlitz, it later became the Restoration Arch, known as "Le Pointu".

- Pigeon loft set off by a light dome and a C shape for 'Castille', known as the "château d'eau".

- The ancient cemetery : tomb of the Baron and the Princess of Rohan, monument to Edouard (the Baron's son),

- Walk through the village.


Don't miss:


- The aqueduct trail: remains of the Roman aqueduct, the Roman aqueduct, and Bornègre bridge which is on this walk.