The Pont du Gard Stone path

As part of the PER, the Community of Villages of the Pont du Gard, in collaboration of the city hall of Vers-Pont du Gard, decided to built a trail to develop the stone path.
The objective is to propose to discover the story of the stone and also modern extraction methods.
There are 2 trails and they start from the place called “Maison de la Pierre”.
Yesterday’s stone goes by the old village and by the “Authentique”quarry, on the direction of La Croix Ste Marie, by the roman way.
The other one, Today’s stone goes by the Valsonniere trail and near the 2 quarries “La Soc” and “Carrière de Provence”. Here, you can see how the stone is transformed to be used in construction.
There is a link between the 2 trails in the North. There is also a link between the Pont du Gard, the “Carrière de l’Estel” and the Stone Path, by the trail, the side of “La Lône”.






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