Small heritage




The Uzège-Pont du Gard area has launched an inventory with the aim of compiling a list of and studying our local minor and public heritage.

This includes small constructions; crosses, wells, huts and small chapels as well as public buildings such as the fountains, wash houses and public squares which stand within our area and contribute to its special character.

Thanks to the input from local towns and villages and the dedication of volunteers who have been trained in the techniques used for the inventory, we have been able to build an excellent picture of our religious, agricultural, craft and hydraulic heritage.


Come and discover this heritage as you explore our local villages.




Estézargues crosses


As you walk around Estézargues, you will discover the dozens of crosses which adorn the village. They were constructed as popular devotions. For more information, please see the Crosses Tour

The Crosses Tour

Download the full documentation about Estézargues' The Crosses Tour



Sainte Hilaire d'Ozilhan Wash House


This édicule* is situated on the path to the fountain, to the west of the village. It is made up of three covered basins: 2 cylindrical and 1 rectangular. Its aim was to protect the harnessing of the spring. It was refitted in the early 20th century.


*édicule : a small building constructed on a public road.



The 3 Wash Houses at Vers Pont du Gard


These were built in the 19th century. They resembled temples, with their columns and pillars. 



The village centers of Remoulins, Montfrin and Aramon


The village of Remoulins was built in the XIth century. The village is at the crossroads between the Gardon valley and the Nimes-Avignon road.
Early, Remoulins used to be fortified with ramparts. Let’s discover the centre of Remoulins and its heritage.



The village of Montfrin was built near the old roman tower and the Templars keep.




The village of Aramon an amphitheatre at the foot of its castle. Lots of houses from the XVth to the XVIIIth century show of its building heritage.
Let’s discover the village with the touristic trail.





For more information, please come and visit us and enjoy our rich heritage thanks to the tourist guide, which is available from the information desk or can be requested using our documentation request form. Contact  us.